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Fur, Feathers, Fins, And Fun For Animal Lovers

Produced by 16-time Emmy® winner Lisa-Renee Ramirez, PetsTV embraces animals of all shapes and sizes, their heart-warming stories, even advice on how to keep them happy and healthy. Special features include “Ask A Pet Vet” and “Animal Control Patrol.”

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Strictly business: more reasons to launch and advertise on Pets.TV

Everyone loves animals — all ages, income levels, and ethnicities — so Pets.TV is ideal for attracting a large, diverse market. Of course, it’s also the place to promote pet foods, veterinary practices, and other animal care products and services. In fact, the pet industry in the U.S. is estimated at $58.5 billion — more than triple what it was just ten years ago, with recession-defying increases every single year.

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